Designing beautiful, serene, functional landscapes that inspire and delight you.


The Design Process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.  Depending upon your project size, availability, goals, and complexity.  The average design service consists of five visits to the site after the initial visit.  These visits will be for site analysis, work study on site, presentation of the conceptual design, master plans, and planting plans.  

Once you approve the master and planting plans,  we are available for the bidding process.  The bids usually include demolition, soil preparation, materials for hardscape, drainage, irrigation, and structures as well as plants and installation.

During your installation phase, we are available to oversee your project or just consult with the contractor.  As with many construction projects, once you begin to remove the existing landscape, unforeseen issues often arise that require resolution.  It is our desire to maintain the integrity of the design and work with the site to provide you with a garden you will enjoy for years to come.  Having your designer work with the contractor is a great way to ensure that your landscape turns out to be something you really love!  Dancing Leaf designs can provide this supervision.

Some people like to work their own garden but are unsure of what plants to put in, where to place objects in the yard, or what material to use for hardscapes.  We are available for consultations to assist you with the difficult decisions so you can proceed with the enjoyable part of improving your garden.

Bid for projects upon request.

Garden consulting - $120/hour