Designing beautiful, serene, functional landscapes that inspire and delight you.

Design Process

The Design Process has several layers to it.  The initial consultation, the base map, the conceptual designs, the master plan, and the planting plan. You will receive three (3) copies of the master plan and three (3) copies of the planting plan.

The Initial Consultation
This visit consists of a tour of your yard along with a discussion of your visions, objectives, and possibilities.  This meeting usually takes about an hour.

The Base Map
Site analysis consists of recording the measurements, elevations, views, wind patterns, drainage, sun and shade, noise, micro-climates, and slopes.  This information is recorded and used for the next steps.  Photos will be taken to aid in the next phase.  

The Conceptual Design
Several different plans are devised to show placement of the proposed elements such as walkways, driveways, fences, decking, pools, arbors, gazebos, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, BBQ's, play structures, dog runs, pools, spas, and general planting areas.  These are working  drawings where you mark up and change things around to your liking.  Perspective drawings may accompany the conceptual plans.

The Master Plan
Once we meet to discuss all the options presented to you from the Conceptual Design, a Master Plan is developed showing where all elements will be located incuding planting areas.

The Planting Plan
Finally a Planting Plan is developed complementing the Master Plan using plant textures, colors, size, flowers, habitat, water requirements, and negative space.  The plan will include botanical names, quantity and size so the contractor can easily install the plants.